VoIP Telephony

VoIP Systems from Zycomm

VoIP Telephony

Our telephony systems provide you with leading VoIP technology products without the need for a landline.

Landline-Free Telephony

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new line of business for Zycomm and W3Z Broadband; VoIP telephony.

With the proposed switch-off of landline telephones by the end of 2025, our VoIP solution means your business can remain connected to your customers, with crystal-clear sound, on a range of new, function-rich digital telephones.

Following extensive testing and highly positive feedback from our test customers, we can now offer a full range of hardware options and competitive pricing structures for your individual needs.

What we offer

Crystal-Clear Audio

High-Definition audio provides crystal-clear calls at all times.

Voicemail & Transcription

In addition to personal and group voicemail, you can be notified with an email transcript of any messages.

Highly Customisable

We can fully customise out-of-hours call rules, hold menus, groups and more to suit your requirements