Testimonials & Case Studies

Case Study

The Bear Inn, Alderwasley

Dedicated leased line service with full guest WiFi distribution

With parts of the building dating back to 1528, and The Olde Brown Bear Inn providing refreshments and lodging for workers in the area since 1735, the opportunity to work on such a fine English country inn, and the challenge presented by the owners to provide and distribute a business broadband solution for the newly-renovated pub, accommodation, and on-site holiday cottages, was one our team relished.

Over the course of three days, our engineers completed an installation at The Bear, disguising our equipment sympathetically against the backdrop of this Grade II Listed building.

Our 200Mbps synchronous service was then distributed about the inn to provide a reliable, speedy internet connection to every room for customers, staff, and guests of the two additional holiday cottages on site.
Case Study

Mr Munro, Swanwick

Residential customer moving from mainstream provider

"Excellent local customer service for a fast and reliable broadband connection. I regularly recommend W3Z to friends and acquaintances."

Mr Munro contacted us recently to upgrade his existing account to our superfast unlimited residential connection. Delighted with our service, Mr Munro had this to say:

I signed up with W3Z in 2015 because I was sick of our unreliable Sky broadband connection and the very poor customer service I experienced. Sky were more interested in me following their script rather than actually troubleshooting and resolving the problem.

What a breath of fresh air W3Z were right from the start. Yes, their broadband is more expensive than mainstream providers, but it's well worth paying. What's the point of a cheap broadband deal if it's unreliable and a lot of hassle? W3Z provided us with a rock steady fast broadband connection with no call centres to deal with and, if you need to contact them, you get to speak to a local person who understands the technical details. No long waits. No wasted time on hold. And a big winner for me!

W3Z are very proactive too! They invest in their infrastructure and instead of waiting for a problem to occur and then sorting it, they actively monitor your connection to identify any issues in advance. They contacted me after finding that my connection was not as stable as it should have been and sorted it the same day by visiting our house to point our dish in another direction. We’d not noticed any issues at all.

Excellent local customer service for a fast and reliable broadband connection. I regularly recommend W3Z to friends and acquaintances.
Case Study

Morclean, Matlock

Business leased line at a residential address

Mr Morley and his partner approached us after experiencing issues with their home office broadband. Their existing broadband supplier was capable of providing only a limited residential connection with poor speeds that meant sending and receiving work documents and files could take hours. A professional couple, both Mr Morley and his partner were working from home and desperately needed a faster and more reliable connection.

We visited the property to discuss their requirements and were able to offer a wireless Leased Line with symmetric speeds of 50Mbps and unlimited data allowance. This was installed, the very next week, by our engineers who subsequently tested the connection and confirmed the couple were now achieving 51Mbps for both their download and upload speeds. Transferring documents now took seconds, resulting in a huge increase in productivity for both Mr Morley and his partner.

Our engineers were able to install the dedicated equipment with a dish painted to blend in with the chimney brickwork, which made the installation practically invisible to the naked eye against the chimney stack. This meant the property retained its rural charm, but with a business-grade broadband connection. The best of both worlds!

Case Study

Matlock Farm Park

Dedicated leased line service with staff and guest WiFi distribution

Having worked with Matlock Farm Park for many years, providing business broadband services, W3Z were contacted to review their connectivity needs to cope with the addition of new telephone systems, security devices, POS till points, and an expanding Park.

Reviewing the site as a whole, we were pleased to offer a symmetric 50Mbps Leased Line solution to give a stable and secure connection to benefit the whole Park. With unlimited data use, and significantly faster speeds, we then set about providing full distribution around the Park for both employees and guests.

This upgrade allowed the Park to expand with new meeting and party spaces, kiosks, and hosting events with valuable, speedy connectivity throughout this remote location.