WiFi Distribution

Internet, Everywhere

Network Distribution

Custom networks built for your requirements.

Bespoke Networking Solutions

Larger houses, old houses with thick walls, and newer or re-developed properties with foil-backed insulation are just some examples of the types of property that can benefit from additional network distribution.

We use the market leading products and our trained engineers complete a two-day course to install and subsequently monitor and manage this system. For business customers we can also provide customisable landing pages for a personalised guest experience, and free or paid guest network packages (for hotels, campsites, etc.).

You can explore these options at any time, and many customers take advantage of our knowledge and skill in ensuring coverage throughout a property, including - for example - wireless links between the main house and a garage, summerhouse, or home office. With more and more people working from home and adapting their property to better suit this use, we can assist in connecting other areas of your property or larger buildings.

What we offer

Survey & Consultation

We will carry out an on-site survey with you to understand your requirements and build a network solution to fit your needs.

We can also work with existing equipment to incorporate into our new solutions

Guest Networks & Hotspots

We can provide a full guest network with segregated networks and customisable speed controls.

We can also provide bespoke landing pages for guests with your logo and message and link to a website of your choosing.

Wireless Links

We can link multiple sites together that cannot be reached by regular cabled means as one network via our microwave radio technology with speeds of up to 1Gbps.