Internet & Networking for your event


Temporary events hire broadband & networking.

Temporary Event Solutions

We supply packaged broadband solutions for remote and rural events; from large events and Country Fairs with thousands of attendees, to small family weddings and village gatherings; we can supply a reliable, superfast broadband service fit for any requirements.

Following the COVID Pandemic, the ability to pay by card at events has been the preferred method for customers and event holders alike. At many outdoor events, and especially those with large crowds, mobile networks can be unreliable and when overused can often fail completely, leaving customers with no card payment options and lost sales for the event holders. Our broadband service operates on our independent network utilising our own infrastructure and remains resilient and reliable at all times.

Weddings and other parties, likewise, can often require the use of a stable and reliable internet connection; for music, payments, and for guests sharing their joy on social media! Contact us for further details and let us help you create a successful event!

What we offer

Survey & Consultation

We will carry out an on-site survey with you to understand your requirements and build a network solution to fit your needs.

We can provide either an internet service or full site networking as required

Guest Networks & Hotspots

We can provide a full guest network with segregated networks and customisable speed controls.

We can also provide bespoke landing pages for guests with your logo and message and link to a website of your choosing.

Wireless Links

We can link multiple areas together that cannot be reached by regular cabled means as one network via our microwave radio technology with speeds of up to 1Gbps.