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Hytera’s comprehensive range includes hand portable radios, ATEX radios, mobile two-way radios, repeaters and backpack repeaters.

As one of the UK’s leading Hytera channel partners, with many years’ experience of designing systems using their products, we have an excellent understanding of the benefits they can offer to our clients.

man in thames water hi viz sat in front of computer screen

Two-way radio

Hytera X1p Provides Streamlined Solution

A CSE Chatterbox system using Bluetooth beacons for internal areas and the GPS facility on the Hytera hand portables for external areas provided the required radio coverage for workers at a Thames Water site, dispensing with the need to use mobile phones where coverage was previously an issue. Additionally, the text function of the Hytera X1p made the SCADA pager system redundant.
Staff now carry one compact, robust two-way radio instead of three communication devices.


• Compact discreet design
• IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating
• Integrated GPS
• Bluetooth enabled
• Optional advanced encryption for security applications