W3Z, based in Ripley Derbyshire, has been delivering a quality wireless broadband service since 2003. Our prime hilltop radio sites throughout the East Midlands allow our service to be transmitted around the region without the expense of using outside organisations masts or assets.

Our 20Mb/s guaranteed speed service is standard but NGA standards are available and there is increasing demand for 1Gb/s wireless customer links. At the other end of the spectrum, to satisfy all demand – we offer a 5Mb/s and 10Mb/s unlimited service for those people requiring it (see price tariffs).

Low cost Vonage IP telephony works superbly over our 20Mb/s service and 60% of all new customers switch their existing BT number to Vonage over W3Z and save themselves a small fortune whilst enjoying a better more flexible telephone service without any BT line charges. We provide the whole service not just W3Z. To find out more click here.

With W3Z you manage your own account on-line controlling your own service as and when you need it.

Last but far from least is our 24/7/365 cheery and knowledgeable local telephone support is always here for you whenever needed. Think of us as similar in aim to the ‘Samaritans’…. Don’t give up, phone us!