Super-fast, reliable broadband – vital for your business

Slow and unreliable broadband is frustrating and wastes time, and the more your business depends on transferring data the bigger the issue. It’s obvious that finding a solution will save your business time and money, but the solution needs to be affordable.

How can W3Z help?

The W3Z Wireless Broadband network provides high speed broadband to businesses, both offices and people working from home, across Derbyshire, Staffordshire and parts of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire via our prime hill top access points across the East Midlands. We guarantee not to oversubscribe our services (a common cause of access problems with ADSL providers), so you get to stay online as long as you want and at the speed you have paid for. No other provider offers that degree of satisfaction.

W3Z Fibre Broadband provides upload and download speeds at up to four times faster than other high profile national fibre providers, with no variation in service at any time day or night, enabling you to stream, share and access online content faster, and simultaneously across multiple devices. Looking to the future, your connection will be equipped to handle any increase in smart-technology your business demands.

Why is W3Z Lease Line different?

Most Lease Line solutions will use a shared connection to provide your business with broadband, which means that, although the line can provide up to 1Gb bandwidth for uploading and downloading, in reality your speeds may well be compromised by other users on the same line.

W3Z Lease Line offers your business a dedicated uncontended* service, providing up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps) bandwidth and giving symmetrical (equal) upload and download speeds. A Lease Line service can be delivered by fibre or Wirelessly via our own dedicated W3Z network.

*Uncontended = No peak time slowdowns, no limitations – dedicated to your business and guaranteed speed 24/7

Why choose W3Z?

W3Z is an independent fibre provider. W3Z has a more flexible approach than most other fibre network providers in terms of size of the development or commercial property and geographic location. W3Z has the flexibility to deploy in sites that are not in central locations or to smaller business units and developments.

W3Z can provide full fibre from exchange to the back of your router, ensuring dedicated bandwidth and guaranteeing upload and download speeds. Many competing providers do not offer dedicated fibre lines and instead choose to share bandwidth across a number
of clients.

Tailored to your business requirements

W3Z can offer you a competitively priced W3Z Fibre Broadband leased line package, tailored to your business’ budget and internet service needs and backed by a local team of dedicated in-house support engineers.