Helping schools adhere to social distancing measures

For schools coordinating social distancing measures to protect staff and students, two-way radio can be a valuable tool, providing instant communication between individuals and teams to help facilities, security and frontline teaching staff communicate and cooperate effectively.


Two-way radios can enable the coordination of social distancing measures in line with  Government requirements including:

  • Staggering assembly groups
  • Staggering breaks (including lunch) to ensure that any corridors or circulation routes used have a limited number of students using them at any time
  • Staggering drop-off and collection times
  • Enforcing one-way circulation in corridors
  • Limiting the number of students using the toilet facilities at one time to ensure that toilets do not become crowded
  • Making use of outside space for exercise and breaks and outdoor education


In the unfortunate event of a student or member of staff being taken ill, two-way radios can enable the coordination of an effective response to provide for the health and safety of everyone on site.


How we can help

We have over thirty years’ experience in supplying two-way radios to  improve communication and provide for the health and safety of staff and students at educational establishments. We appreciate that trying to work out what you require and ensuring you get the most cost-effective solution can be daunting but we can help. We offer two-way radios (“walkie talkies”) for sale and for hire and no-obligation advice. If you would like someone from the team to contact you to discuss your requirements please get in touch.