Protect Unoccupied Buildings


The Covid-19 lockdown has left many commercial premises temporarily empty. This, combined with deserted streets, and security companies facing the strain of maintaining their services whilst protecting their workers from Covid-19, creates the perfect opportunity for opportunistic thieves to break in, and leaves commercial property susceptible to vandalism. 

Most commercial premises will have fire and intruder alarms in order to protect the property and comply with insurance requirements. Using R-LinX , a simple to install, cost effective interface solution, CSE Chatterbox can create SMS, two-way radio and email alerts to notify onsite security and offsite owners, site managers etc. if there’s an issue. If the alert goes to on-site security, they can investigate immediately and, if it’s a false alarm or minor incident, this may remove the need for the emergency services attending and any associated costs.

To discuss how CSE Chatterbox can work with you to help you protect unoccupied buildings please get in touch. We are making for site visits for essential support, including installing R-LinX, and are available to discuss your short and long-term communication requirements.